Climate Data and Projections

Native Waters team member Dr. Michael Dettinger has prepared climate change projections for temperature and precipitation for nine Indian reservations in the Great Basin and Southwestern US: the Colorado River, Duck Valley, Gila River, Hopi, Navajo Nation, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Uintah and Ouray, Walker Lake, and Zuni reservations.

The projections, which are constructed using 15 climate models and two emissions scenarios, extend through the year 2100 and show increases in temperature at all nine reservations, changes in precipitation that vary by location (wetter in northern locations/drier in southern locations), and increases in precipitation extremes (floods and droughts). To view PDFs of the temperature and precipitation projections, follow the links below.

To access raw data files for these climate projections, download the tar file of ascii raw data.

Daily Data

We also have projected daily values for maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation totals for four tribal centers in and around Nevada: The Colorado River tribe, the Duck Valley tribe, the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribe, and the Walker Lake tribe. The files below contain daily values from 1950 to 2095 in the historical files, and 2006 to 2099 or 1200 (depending on the model) for the rcp45 and rcp85 files.

For more information on these files, see the readme document.