Teacher Resources

Pueblo Farming Project (e-Book)

The Pueblo Farming Project is an ongoing collaboration between the Hopi tribe and the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. The project examines traditional Pueblo Indian farming techniques to help us understand ancient farming in the Mesa Verde region of southwestern Colorado. The project conducts research, develops educational programs, and pursues Hopi interests in corn and corn farming as an essential element of their culture. This eBook presents the methods and results from the Pueblo Farming Project, as well as a set of lesson plans developed for middle school students to learn about Hopi agriculture.

The Monsoon Project (video)

The Monsoon Project has been funded by the National Science Foundation to study interactions between the North American Monsoon climate system and the ecology of ecosystems in the southwestern US. The North American Monsoon occurs every summer, and brings rain to arid regions, driving the growth of plants and activities of animals. We are studying the importance of this recurring climate system on the spread of invasive, summer-active grasses and connectivity among ecosystems with regard to the spread of wildfires.

Estimating Soil Texture (activity)

From Colorado State University Extension’s Master Gardener program, an activity that teaches participants how to identify soil texture by measurement and by feel.